03/20/2013 02:56 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Introducing the New 'Most Interesting Man in the World'

By most standards Tim Ferriss isn't normal -- and he likes it that way. If you don't know him, Tim is a bestselling author, teacher, entrepreneur, angel investor, dancer, hunter, cook... and so on. He is redefining the term jack of all trades because most Jack's end up being the master of nothing. Ferriss on the other hand is all about mastering skills but doing it on an accelerated time line. Things like: learning a language, hitting a 3-pointer in basketball, knife throwing, and yes, even becoming a master chef. In his latest book, The 4-Hour Chef, Ferriss describes his latest creation as "A book about how to master any skill fast disguised as a cook book." Let's go Behind the Brand and talk to someone who is giving "The most interesting man in the world" a run for his money...