11/02/2008 04:54 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Better Than the Tom "Bradley" Effect

The media has continuously reminded the public that the election polls may be flawed due to the Tom "Bradley" effect where the race of the candidate hinders their original choice. I have listed below the other "Tom" effects that are more likely to take place in the voting booth.

Thomas Jefferson effect - Instead of a founding father you vote for an astounding "Brother"

Tom Edison effect - You realize that just because he had a weird middle name like ALVA doesn't mean his ideas wouldn't change the world

Tom Cruise effect - You are tempted to vote for McCain but then realize that it's Risky Business

Tom Clancy effect - You are a republican but realize that a candidate who still hangs onto cold war stories doesn't offer a promising epilogue

Tom Brokaw effect - You have a sudden urge to replace Sarah Palin with Brian Williams

Tom Smothers effect - You find yourself voting for whomever mom liked best

Peeping Tom effect- You're nervous about voting because you realize the whole world is watching

Tom Sawyer effect - You forget to vote while wondering if the McCain camp had to explain to Palin that Indian Joe wasn't a plumber

Uncle Tom effect - You vote for Obama and finally ERASE THIS EFFECT FOREVER