07/17/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Letterman Vs. Palin

If you consider the amount of press coverage given to this whole Letterman/Palin debacle you would think that it's the reason Iran is protesting. In a world where media hosts insult half the nation on a daily basis I find it absurd that a veteran comedian is being taken to task for what was obviously a mistake. HOW THE JOKE IN QUESTION SHOULD HAVE READ: Sarah Palin took her 14 year old to the Yankee game today. She left Bristol home in fear she'd get knocked up by A-rod.

I agree that we should also be careful about how we handle children in the media but I don't think Willow was harmed by the mishap and if there are to be any developmental repercussions they were just amplified by the fact that they are now even reading that joke in Palin's cozy neighborhood of Russia.

Maybe Letterman should just have compromised and apologized instead to Tina Fey. Ironically Palin may have been angered because by making a stupid remark he looked more Vice Presidential than she does. Apparently she was so upset by his insensitivity she couldn't even shoot a wolf today.

I think the people that Letterman should really apologize to are his fellow comedians. The first Palin apology should have been enough but when he repeated it again a second night he showed that it was now no longer about the joke but more about his fear about what the world would think of him. As far as monologue jokes go it was just as unfunny as most of his material.

Dave, you survived a heart attack and a change of networks. I promise you that even if it went to the top and the supreme court decided you were wrong it wouldn't matter because, Palin doesn't remember any of their decisions anyway.