06/09/2013 04:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

A Cause Worth Supporting: Girls At Work (VIDEO)

Do you ever come across such an amazing person who is doing so much good that you want to share their story with anyone who will listen, but can't put into words the effect they have?

You will fall in love with Girls At Work and the work they do. They also need our help.

We met many inspiring people over our adventurous year across America. The amazing people at Girls At Work is one such story, and one of the most incredible organizations we came across.

They take young at-risk girls, and girls who have had struggles, and horrifying experiences in their life and they put a power tool in their hands. To witness the transformation and strengthening of their confidence and self-worth is very special.

Here is a recent video they produced about one alum of the program, Holly, that is particularly moving:

Right now they are in the final days of an IndieGoGo campaign that will mean they can continue the work they do. Here's Elaine Hamel, the founder on why she started Girls At Work:

I decided to do the campaign because so many summer camps that focus on kids at risk do not have program budgets large enough to provide much needed programs that empower their kids. Most summer camps no longer have woodworking as they can't afford the liability associated with kids/power tools. It is high for us but raise money to cover some of those insurance costs so we are able to reduce our fees to them.

Help support the girls and the work they do here: - Only a few days left in their campaign!

Here is the original Bus 52 piece on Girls At Work: