09/27/2013 09:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

10 Ways You Know This is Your Second Kid

1. She's eating something off the floor and not only are you not freaking out, you're just glad she's eating.

2. You know the difference right away between his hurt cry and all the other ones, and only respond immediately to the former.

3. You have ever said to her older sibling, "You're in charge."

4. You don't bother taking the space-hogging baby equipment with silly names (ie: Bumbo, Exersaucer) out of storage because you know he will be OK between the bouncy seat and your arms.

5. You and your spouse take turns talking each other down when the baby is sick instead of both freaking out and immediately calling the doctor. When you do call the doctor, you feel confident telling her exactly what is wrong.

6. The sleep deprivation has almost become an extreme sport. You compare stats with your spouse and maybe even start to feel proud of being able to function on such little rest.

7. You know the perfect life baby blogs are not anyone's whole story, and you start to actually allow your friends and family to see the messy side of your life. Relationships that aren't real start to fall away.

8. You're just not as worried. Watching him try new experiences is more thrilling than terrifying.

9. You can feed a baby anywhere, anytime, while doing three other things.

10. You can see from the start that this child's life is not all about you, and you can actually sit back and enjoy watching her grow together with her older sibling.

What other ways can you tell this is your second kid?


Photo by Caitlin Fisch

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