01/31/2014 01:31 pm ET Updated Apr 02, 2014

Why Isn't Anyone Telling Justin Bieber He's Acting Like a D-bag?


Justin Bieber's current string of arrests, mishaps and hijinks is annoying. It isn't sad or unfortunate; it's irritating. Sorry Beliebers. You know that kid in grade school who constantly got the whole class in trouble because they kept acting out and thought they were being funny? Yeah, that's Justin... only he's 19 and instead of the threat of after-school detention, it's the threat of federal detention.

The Biebs is not a unique snowflake: This story isn't new. It's been repeated and recycled a million times. And as much as we hate to admit it, there is something sort of cool and sexy about bad boys -- Robert Downey Jr, anyone? -- but not JB. Because there is nothing sexy about acting like a petulant child.

Let's start with egging people's homes. When you're 12 years old it's something that happens on mischievous night. You and your bonehead friends inevitably get caught, parents get into the mix and you're probably grounded. When you're 19, it's felony vandalism and you could go to jail.

And how about that DUI arrest. First of all, if he's struggling with substance abuse, then his getting help is something I wholly support. However, his tox screen seems to suggest this isn't about abuse. There were negligible amounts of alcohol in his system -- he blew a .04, which isn't even legally drunk if you're 21 -- and the toxicology report showed he smoked pot and had the main ingredient for Xanax in his system. Naturally, when he was with the cops, his gut reaction was apparently to make his problem someone else's fault. He squealed on who gave him the Xanax and blamed his mom. Really? Mommy said it was okay? Sorry to break it to you, dude, you're a legal adult now and you can't pass the buck onto Mommy when you get in trouble.

Turns out Mom's not the only one in the mix. Reports say that Papa Biebs was actually with his son the night of his arrest and allegedly helped block the street off so the crew could drag race. Shame on the adults in this situation who allegedly gave into temper tantrums and put lives at risk. Can't you just picture it? Daddy, I want a goose that lays golden eggs and I want it nooooowwwwww. Daddy, I want to race the big fancy car and I want to do it noooowwwwwww. What would have happened if someone said no? Would Justin have rolled around on the ground kicking and screaming? Perhaps tried to hold his breath until someone gave in? He's 19 ... not 9.

Now, the latest offshoot of the Bieber mess is the felony assault charge in Toronto. You know, the one where the cops allege someone, AKA Justin Bieber, repeatedly beat a limo driver on the back of the head. You have to wonder what transpired before the alleged altercation. What made someone think they had the right to put their hands on another person? We learned this lesson in kindergarten, didn't we? That is some pure diva shit right there. What's worse, he's not even original or badass when he's throwing a hissy fit -- that move is straight out of the Naomi Campbell history book. What's next? Hurling his phone at the maid?

At this point acting like a tool doesn't just make him a loser, it could mean jail time. Not sure how many Beliebers there are in lockup. To be fair, I understand that 19 years does not a mature adult make, but has no one explained that there are consequences in the real world? Enough is enough with allowing Bieber to run around acting like a spoiled brat.

You have to wonder though, can he redeem himself? I know we love a comeback story but can you come back from being douchey?