08/04/2013 12:18 am ET Updated Oct 03, 2013

11 Travel Sketches From Southeast Asia and Japan (PHOTOS)

In the trailer for her latest book of sketches, Drawing Around Sagrada Família, Swedish illustrator Nina Johansson says, "Drawing the world really makes life a richer experience."

Since I started travel sketching two and a half years ago, I've always found this to be true - but nowhere has it been more the case than in Southeast Asia and Japan. I recently spent six weeks sketching around the region and fell in love with capturing its night markets, ancient temples, and rugged landscapes on the pages of my sketchbook.

Below are eleven sketches from the trip, which you can also find in my first book of travel sketches and stories, Beneath the Lantern's Glow. Visit my travel blog The Great Affair to follow along my upcoming sketching trip, "From Prague to Petra: Ten weeks. Nine countries. One sketching adventure through Eastern Europe and the Middle East."

11 Travel Sketches From Southeast Asia and Japan (PHOTOS)