12/18/2012 12:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ballerina by the Bay

The natural beauty of Marin County has inspired some famous outdoor pursuits.

It is where mountain biking was invented.

Where the Dipsea, the oldest and possibly the most scenic trail race, is run.

A paradise for kayaking and paddle-boarding.

Where people sail, hike and fish all year round.

And where you will occasionally find Sausalito's ballerinas taking their stretch practice outdoors, inspired by the music of French composer Albert Benichou, by the Manifesto of Ballet To The People, and by this poem:

I'll tell you about the mermaid
Sheds swimmable tail 
Gets legs for dancing
Sings like the sea with a choked throat
Knives straight up her spine
Lancing every step
There is a price
There is a price
For every gift
And all advice

-- Adrienne Rich, Quarto