Cuddling With Carlin: A Sort-of/Kind-of Valetine's Special

Like most devoted bloggers, I took two months off of writing about my webseries for The Huffington Post. Oops!

So... there was Jon, and Scott, and Jeremy R., and Akin, and Trey, and Joe, and Lukas, and Oscar, and Jeremy B. So if you have an hour to kill...

It's been interesting to be in the full throes of pre-production and post-production simultaneously (to ensure weekly interviews!), while also existing as a bystander as this "creature" begins to take form. While I was obviously present and orchestrated all of these interviews, I had no idea what would come of it. Once the episodes started to air and a Facebook page came into existence, I was asked by some "Potential Big Spoons" if I'd interview them. Viewers reach out with their admirably strong opinions of who to consider having back week to week.

In honor of Valentine's Day I chose this Monday to post Max, a friend with whom I'd developed a two-month flirtation that culminated in a hook up. It was great, until he fell off the face of the planet. Using the show as a platform, I did what every human wants to do at some point in his or her life (at least I most certainly hope, otherwise your luck is pristine): asked him, point blank, "What the hell happened here?" His answers may be evasive, and we may not be walking off into the sunset, but there is certainly an air of catharsis infused with humor that I hope all of you enjoy as Friday rolls around and you either feel tremendously loved or egregiously cynical.