10/12/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

W and Cheney Make Commercials for Obama

If the Obama campaign fretted that Hurricane Gustav cheated it out of George W. Bush footage - - which would have made great ads for Obama/Biden's charge that McCain is McSame or McBush -- four or eight more years of the same mess -- that very Bush has come to the rescue.

Obama campaign scribes could not have written a better commercial than "W" offered on Fox & Friends Tuesday morning. Waxing enthusiastic about John McCain's selection of Sarah Palin as his VP, Bush called Palin an "inspired pick" and "dynamic, capable, smart..." Referring to his own pre-White House experience as Governor of Texas, he added about Palin, "Well, she's had executive experience, and that's what it takes to be a capable person here in Washington, D.C., in the executive branch."

As if that wasn't enough good material, Cheney, on the road, added his own endorsement of Palin's qualifications to be vice president, speaking to reporters from the patio of the Ambassador's residence in Rome. He volunteered her speech was "superb" and that he especially loved the line about the difference between a pitbull and a hockey mom -- lipstick.