06/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Fiscal Conservative Week Wraps: Joe Wilson Spends Like He's Going Out Of Office

It's the end of Fiscal Conservative Week, but the hypocrisy of South Carolina Republicans is still going strong: Joe "You Lie" Wilson released his first quarter campaign finance report late last night, and it wasn't pretty. Joe spent nearly half a million dollars, $160,000 more than the $328,000 he raised. To be in Washington demagoguing a federal deficit he helped create while posting a 150% burn rate is outrageous; Joe Wilson is intentionally misleading voters and hoping against hope that they won't notice.

The only reason for a self-proclaimed 'fiscal conservative' like Joe to be spending so much more money than he takes in is because he's terrified of South Carolinians. He embarrassed us. Joe voted for every budget President Bush presented to the Republican Congress and ran up $482 billion in debt; now he's applying the same disastrous policies to his own campaign.

Joe's astronomical expenses aren't just a concession that he thinks he can spend his way out of apologizing to the people he represents; they're a clear sign that the special interests that gave Wilson his own personal bailout in September aren't going to come to his rescue anymore. Joe's on his own. Together we can end his hypocrisy and bring a new generation of leadership to South Carolina.