Five Reasons To Stop Being Terrible

I can't take it anymore. We're miserable, awful people and we must be stopped. We love our FAILs, our bloopers, our "worst evers". We share animated GIFs of reality television monsters and consider ourselves droll and whimsical.

Shame on us. Shame on me and definitely shame on you. Shame on anyone who has ever typed the word "LAME" in the comments section of anything. Shame on all of us for allowing the world to be powered by schadenfreude. If we are the people we've been waiting for, then we're going to be waiting for a long damn time.

But perhaps there's still some shred of hope. I still believe, tentatively, that we can turn things around and stop being terrible. And I have evidence to back that up.

Here are five things that made me want to be a better person this week. I can only hope their transformative power can circumvent your need to type, "I knew this would suck and it did."

1. The PS22 Choir Singing With Walk The Moon

2. This Tweet By Michael McKean

3. British Comedian Bryan Lacey Serenading His Bride

4. Soldiers Coming Home

benari poulten

5. Puppies With Big Eyes


Now let's get out there and be good to people for once in our miserable lives.