12/22/2006 01:57 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

The Overweight Need Not Apply

Earlier this week the news reported China's decision to tighten their rules on foreign adoptions since the supply does not meet the demand. Therefore, if you are single, obese, older than fifty years or not in good financial or physical health, you'll have to seek elsewhere for a child, since China doesn't think you are worthy.

One report said, "It is better for a child to be raised in a two-parent family, it's better for a parent to be educated, it's better for a parent not to be obese because they have a chance of living longer. What C.C.A.A. really wanted was the cream of the crop."

"The cream of the crop," is an unsettling comment. I suppose, though, if China has the destination choice for their orphans, why not select the most fit for such an important job as parenting. However, just because someone has a trim physique or is financially comfortable, it does not necessarily mean that they will make an excellent parent.

It does make me wonder, though, why Chinese officials realize how essential it is to be both physically and mentally prepared to raise children when something bigger than us set it up at the beginning of time in such arbitrary fashion.