08/19/2013 01:48 pm ET Updated Oct 19, 2013

365 Invocations to Create an Extraordinary Life

Week One

Namaste and aloha! It has been my great joy to teach myself and others how to invoke their most passionate dreams and highest good through the use of invocations. For the next 52 weeks I will be writing an invocation for every day to empower you and align you with the Creator. Every week there will be seven new invocations to help you regain your personal power and sense of wholeness. Each week you will learn how to listen to your mind and release negative thinking, feel where you are blocked (if you are) and release the blockage. You will learn to think with positive energy and broadcast declarations imbued with that energy. These acts of self-empowerment will bring you a life of inspiration, inner peace, abundance, and love. It's a step-by-step process giving yourself the ultimate permission to be in your power and be a collaborator with the Universe. Here we go!

So, what is an invocation? It is a prayer, a calling out, a soul's wish, a deep yearning that you invoke inside of yourself and then send out into the universe to manifest. It is a sacred act meant to align you to that which co-creates your reality with you. You may call it the Universe, the Source, the Light... whatever you wish. It's the energy that creates all life. And to invoke you must align yourself with the "Big Invoker."

To begin, align yourself with the knowing that you are an expression of that which creates everything from a place of LOVE. This is where you came from, what brought you into form, this is what feeds your life force, and this is where you will return. It assists a seed in becoming an apple, a baby into becoming a growing child. It is in the food you eat, the air you breathe, the sky, the earth, absolutely everything. It is the divine flow and you are in it. Let nothing sway you from this realization, from your sacred connection. If your ego tries to reconstruct a disconnect from a place of doubt or fear, DELETE, and realign your thoughts and feelings again to the true source of life. The statements below will help you stay clear.

Stay in gratitude for your life. Stay in the flow. Stay out of your past story or anyone else's non-intention and non-belief. Trust that you are in partnership with and an expression of the most powerful source of energy that there is. And what it wants is your highest good.

Here are your first week's invocations to return you to yourself so you can clear the way inside to invoke the clearest vision of your life. When you are relaxed, breathe and say out loud the first day's invocation. Take it in and sit with your feelings. Breathe and do it again. Repeat this process at least two dozen times throughout the day. Ask yourself, "Is this true for me?" Notice if there is resistance to the statement. Ask yourself what you are afraid of and keep going deeper inside yourself until you know that you deserve to be empowered in this way. Remember you have been taught many different things about who you are and what you deserve. You may have all kinds of hidden nutty beliefs that you adopted from very powerful sources that are trying to guide you off course. Listen to what comes up from your subconscious. What is true is that you are an expression of the all powerful, all loving source of life. Thank your fears for sharing then DELETE them. Keep deleting until you feel relaxed, open, empty. This is a very healing exercise so be patient and take your time. Do not be discouraged when the ego tries to shake you out of your place of power. In the coming weeks you will become a first-rate deleter and a master invoker!

Week One

1. I trust my connection with the Source of all life.
2. I realize that I am the co-creator of my life with the Source.
3. I relax as I listen to my heart's desires.
4. I only manifest my highest good.
5. With every breath I feel energized and empowered.
6. I manifest the vision of my life with ease and grace.
7. The universe of unconditional love is my true home. I feel it now.

We will go further next week with seven new invocations. Each week you will open more, heal more, allow more, feel more relaxed, stronger, and more connected. You will learn how to address the universe and ask for what you want in an empowered, focused manner. If you have comments or questions, please write them below. Remember, practice is what clears the way for your most extraordinary life.

Take care of yourself.

And until we meet again, 10,000 blessings from all directions!

Carol Simone, simply known as Simone, is a spiritual catalyst in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is the author of The Goddess of 5Th Avenue, Being Quan Yin, Becoming the Energy of Love and Compassion, The Kiss of the Shaman and others. You can write to her at

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