09/27/2011 07:45 am ET Updated Nov 27, 2011

All In A Day's Work

Oprah has been spreading the word about "Living your best life". To be precise, she believes in living a passionate authentic life. For me, living an authentic life has been about finding my own voice. How we express ourselves is a direct reflection of who we are. Whether in writing, speaking, or through action, we define and identify ourselves through our voice. It's the stamp we leave on the planet.

The journey to finding your voice and living a passionate life is a challenging one for most of us. Women especially are looking for ways to infuse their passions into their lives and businesses. Once we bring our voice to our business and personal life, living becomes that much more rich and rewarding.

In his book "Arriving at your own Door; 108 Lessons in Mindfulness" Jon Kabat-Zinn shares "In every moment we are arriving at our own door ... we might love again the stranger who was yourself"

Living an authentic life is like arriving at your own door; it's about appreciating who you are and accepting your talents, skills and gifts. One clear direct path to authenticity is to focus on your gifts, your strengths and discover what brings you joy. Then, express that in the world. It may be through art, music, dance, business, teaching or any other way. When you are true to yourself your life will 'fall into place'. The way will reveal itself to you and life will become more fun and less work.

As simple as this concept may seem, the personal journey of discovery can be challenging and emotional as well as exhilarating and informative. It has been for me. Wading through the pea soup fog of my confusion in search of clarity and blue skies became a spiritual practice of sorts.

My journey has led me back to my 'true north,' which is writing. As I focus on my writing and see ways to infuse this into my life and my business, shifting from head to heart, my life becomes richer and my actions more inspired.

What is your 'true north'? Get clear on this and let your life unfold. Why work so hard at life when you can just live it? Let it be easier.

That doesn't mean quitting your job and becoming a starving artist. Instead, ask yourself how you can incorporate your art into your business AND your life. Be open and the answers will come. Maybe it's as simple as hanging your paintings or framed photographs in your office. Take it a step further; ask to hang them in your boss's office or in the lobby of your building. Let the world be in on your talent -- share your gifts.

The more I focus on writing, the more I'm able to weave it into my business. Infusing my passion and authentic voice into my life impliedly gives other I reach permission to do the same. And just because it is my passion, I'm even including a poem. Enjoy.

All in a Day's Work ©

The sun is making her way
to her position in the sky
It is quiet
Many still sleep while
I sip my dark French roast
waiting for today

I imagine
the sun has arrived at work
in her '66 mustang red convertible

She drives fast
Speed junkie
Her golden orange and pink rays
fading light ribbons
trailing behind her
leaving a wake of color
in the morning sky

Inside the office
she pours cream in her black coffee
(we have that in common, the love of a rich cup)
She punches in on the cosmic time clock

She chats for a few minutes with Venus
gossiping about the latest love affairs in the office
and which stars lit their final light in last night's sky

They smile and part ways
The Sun off to her throne
to shine down
and warm us all

Day after day after day
she is dependable
taking her rightful place
Sometimes alone
Sometimes with snow, rain, or sleet,
Sometimes with hail and other elements

Sometimes, when she is feeling rather mischievous
she may obstruct our communication
With a solar flare or two
Just for fun

All in all
she loves her position
It is all in a day's work

Carolyn Ziel
May 3, 2011