11/06/2012 09:51 am ET Updated Jan 06, 2013

There Are 'Rebellions' in Arizona -- Happy Election Day!

I took my third-grade daughter with me to Arizona recently. As we were driving from the airport to the hotel, Katie noticed something we don't see that much of in Chicago -- there were Romney signs stuck in the front lawns. She asked me about the Romney signs, and I explained that different parts of the country have different political leanings. Some places have a lot of Republicans; some places have a lot of Democrats, and some places have a mix.

We arrived at our hotel, and Katie ran to the room next door to see my parents, Yaya and Papa. An hour later, my mom came into my room laughing, and she recounted her conversation with Katie:

Katie: "Yaya, there are rebellions in Arizona."

Yaya, confused: "Rebellions? Are you sure?"

Katie: "Yes, I am sure."

Yaya: "What are they rebelling in Arizona?"

Katie: "I don't know, but there are rebellions."

Yaya: "Katie, I'm confused. Do you know what a rebel is?"

Katie: "Yes, I just watched Star Wars on the airplane. I know what Rebels are.
Yaya: "But who is rebelling in Arizona?"

Katie: "You know, Yaya! The Rebellions! The Democrats and the Rebellions? Well, there are Rebellions in Arizona!"

There you have it. The cutest non-political discussion of the political parties in the history of the United States took place right here in Arizona.

May the force be with you today as you vote.

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