03/08/2012 05:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Wolverine -- A True Super Hero


The wolverine. Sometimes truth really is more amazing than fiction. Climbing over the most rugged mountain ranges with ease, battling with grizzly bears and wolves, and thriving in temperatures as low as 70 below zero -- this would have made Hugh Jackman pack up his bags and head back to Hollywood. When it comes to the world's true super-heroes, the wolverine (the animal) might just top the list. This tenacious animal embraces massive glaciers and destructive avalanches, and eats moose for lunch.

The wolverine moves easily across the most hostile terrain in the world without breaking a sweat and to top it off, it does this without even being detected, almost invisible. But sadly for the wolverine, it does not receive the same level of exposure as the X-Men character that shares its name. Due to the wolverine's elusive nature, it remains both out of sight and out of mind. This amazing species needs immense space and unique habitat, but is disappearing at a rapid rate. At first glance, one might just believe that the landscape a wolverine calls home is inhospitable and without life, but when you dig deeper, you realize it is very vibrant. In the brutal land of rock and ice lives an animal of legend, a wildlife hero, the wolverine.

Check out the clips below from America the Wild with Casey Anderson, to see the wolverine in action:

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