04/21/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Welcome to the Jungle, Tiger!

Let me get this straight - Tiger Woods says he understands the role the media plays but then blasts the media for doing its job?
The disgraced golf superstar took a few awkward moments during his recent act of public contrition to hammer some reporters for stalking his wife Elin, his mother, and his young children during the white-hot fallout from his own epic fall from grace.
Welcome to the Jungle, Tiger!
The media has morphed into a new kind of information monster over the past few years or haven't you noticed? Ethical boundaries are non-existent among this new media whose members probably couldn't gain entrance to journalism school unless they were delivering pizza to the classroom. It's an unfortunate reality, but a reality nonetheless.
The web is a virtual hunting ground where poison pen artists pounce on celebrity scandals as viciously as any predator would a wounded animal. From the illicit affair and love child of a disgraced former presidential candidate to the untimely death of a wholly weird pop culture icon, websites like TMZ and magazines such as The National Enquirer are breaking more stories than so-called legitimate reporters care to admit. These mavericks are now dictating the way news is covered in the 21st century. Don't point fingers at the new media Tiger. It is what it is. You are solely to blame for this invasion of privacy. Your arrogance has put you where you are. You sold the world on the idea that you were one thing, when you were really the other.