01/20/2012 08:16 pm ET Updated Mar 21, 2012

The Big Bang Theory 's 100th Episode: Hitting All the Right Notes

Thursday's episode of The Big Bang Theory was the 100th episode for the series and I must say, it did not disappoint! First off, a classic Sheldon-and-Leonard exchange dealing with the random interworkings of Sheldon's overactive mind. The conversation was topped off by the delivery of Sheldon's beloved life-sized cardboard Spock! Too bad it was the "wrong" Spock, which made me laugh even more when he uttered the line: "Live long and suck it Zachary Quinto!" So much hostility, while I thought Zachary Quinto made quite a fine Spock, but what do I know?

As for Leonard, he was busy gazing through Penny's open door watching her, Amy and Bernadette looking at something she received in the mail. Suddenly with confidence and a direct approach, he asked Penny on a date. I was impressed by Leonard's newfound confidence by the way! Penny was obviously stunned, but accepted to the "ohhhs'" of her girlfriends. Just like that Leonard appear to be back on.

While the girls tried to help Penny pick outfits and Amy said her usual stream of inappropriate comments, across the hall Sheldon, Raj and Leonard played a board game that made for many hilarious jokes from an unsuspecting Sheldon. This jokes may have carried a little too long, but I couldn't stop laughing at Jim Parsons' brilliant ability to keep a straight face. Particularly for such lines as "I need wood" and "Who has wood for my sheep?" Hilarious! I also loved the way Howard and Raj played into it for their own enjoyment because honestly, why wouldn't they?

It was nice to get a few more words from Raj this week too. You can never anticipate what he's going to say and this week was no exception -- yes Sandra Bullock IS great in everything!

At the restaurant, Leonard and Penny seem to be off to a very good start. Lots of talking, laughing and honesty as they proceed with their first date re-do. But quickly their laughter becomes argument and the date ends miserably at the very early time of 8:30 p.m.

Disastrous though the date was, apparently Leonard's confession that he still had feelings for Penny brought forth her decision to text message him a booty call. I have to give her credit where credit's due, that has to be the shortest distance to a booty call ever. They end up in Penny's bed together, post-passion, still trying to figure out what everything means. They decide to date in secret to test the waters of their new relationship before making it public. But after a squabble amidst their friends at the Cheesecake Factory, it seems their reunion may be short-lived.

After another late night text message from Penny, they are back out in the hall arguing before sleeping together at Penny's place once again. Afterwards, it seemed as though Leonard had realized their relationship didn't seem to be working out the second time around either, and I sadly believed their reunion would be over as quickly as it began -- but not so fast!

Turns out, we were tricked! It's all been but a daydream in Leonard's head as we arrive back to the scene where he is looking at Penny and the girls opening the box in Penny's apartment while Sheldon hates on Spock. It seems as though Leonard realized starting again is a mistake and will end badly.

But to my surprise, and I'm sure to the surprise of many fans, he walked over and asked Penny on the dinner date (for real this time!) and she accepted, albeit stunned by the invitation.

This is where we leave things for now, but the promos for next week show that Leonard and Penny will continue to explore their new (2.0) relationship by taking things slow.

I loved this episode; it had almost everything I love about the series: Funny nerd moments between the guys, Leonard attempting to keep a secret from Sheldon (does anyone else think sometimes it would just be easier to tell the guy the truth than deal with all of his questions?), clever and funny Raj/Howard moments, and of course a return to Leonard and Penny.

What did you think of The Big Bang Theory's 100th episode? Did Leonard and Penny's (sort of) reunion live up to your expectations? Do you think they can make it last this time?