11/11/2013 05:45 pm ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Listen Up Street Harassers: Enough Is Enough

"Hey girl, look like you want to come home with me," "Come on take a ride with me, you know you want to," "Look at them sexy legs, I like that, come closer so I can put something between them."

Those are some of the rude and annoying comments that you so graciously threw at me as I'm trying to enjoy my morning walk. Keyword here "enjoy." Needless to say, I didn't enjoy it at all due to your comments that came my way.

No, I'm not flattered by your obnoxious, rude, degrading and sexist words. It doesn't make me attracted to you, nor am I eager to give in to your advances. It actually makes me want to resort to acts that are not in my character. I choose not to, because I'm a woman with a clear vision of who I am and would never stoop down to your level of pure ignorance.

I think the women and men in your life taught you better than that. Better yet, I'm sure of it. Because what woman or man would ever teach their child to ever treat a woman (or anyone) that type of way. Or were you absent from that lesson? Well if so, here is a free, quick and easy lesson that it not hard to comprehend. Get ready, take notes.

1) Next time you see me (or anyone girl or woman) think before you speak. If you know your words may hurt -- trust me they can bruise deeply -- stay silent. What's the point of getting me angry at you? That only provides us both hurt, pain and/or embarrassment.

2) There are enough images in the media that dis-empower and degrade girls and women and I don't need a stranger to do the same. You are only contributing to the vicious attacks that girls and women face worldwide in our society.

3) If you want to compliment me, you are more than welcome to -- in a kind, respectful and genuine manner. However, street harassment will never be welcomed. I will never send you an invite to do so, so please don't take it upon yourself to invite yourself to degrade me.

4) You may only view me as an object but sadly I fail to agree with you. Instead, I choose to view myself as a strong, resilient, empowered woman with clear goals and morals. I respect myself and I can only as that you do the same.

5) In short, next time if you happen to see any female, if you feel the deep urge to say something, what about saying "hello," "Good Morning," "Hi, how are you"? I'm sure she would appreciate it and you never know -- it may brighten up her day. She may have already experienced enough street harassment during the course of the day.

I can't finish without saying -- enough is truly enough. Street harassment has to end, let's all work together to put a stop to it. Special shout out to all the courageous people who are working at organizations such as: hollaback , Stop Street Harassment , Meet Us On the Street that provide supportive resources and a platform for people to voice their concern on the issue.