05/06/2015 03:27 pm ET Updated May 05, 2016

3 Tips on That 5 Figure Launch

Every business want that illusive 5 figure launch when they're launching a new product or service.

However, to achieve 5 figures in just a day or two seems within the realms of fantasy to some businesses, and this is their short fall.

If you're launching a product at $1500 you just need 7 people sign up, but if you're launching at a price of $15, you'll need 667 people sign up.

Whatever pricerange you're at, it's difficult, but not impossible to reach that number.

Every business need to believe that they can achieve this figure, if they're to actually make it. If you've got no belief in your own product, what are your customers supposed to believe?

Luckily, there are some simple steps every business can take to ensure that their launch can reach that 5 figure goal.

1. Research and Planning
The hard work starts long before your launch, and it's something that cannot be pushed aside. Every business needs a strict plan, an outline of what needs to be achieved in order to have the launch run smoothly.

Of course there might be some unseen problems or glitches, but there will be a lot less of them with the right planning and research conducted before the launch.

The planning involves areas like targeting the right customer, price of the product, where to advertise, costs of launching, deadlines along the prelaunch e.a.

2. Desire and Hype
No one is going to seek out your product if you don't make it desirable and create a buzz about it. There are various ways of doing this, depending upon your business budget. To attract customers to your product you need to create that hype, that desire for your product.

Slowly leak out details about your product, little snippets of information that will create curiosity in your customers. All this will build up to the ultimate launch of your product.

3. Run without a hitch
It would be devastating if all your hard work before the launch is destroyed by a fault on launch day. No one wants to see that happening and have to face the customer's complaints. Test every aspect of your launch, from the product and its selling platform to the payment and confirmation.

By laying that solid foundation up front, you're more than likely to reach your desired launching figure.