11/03/2012 07:20 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Brown Nosing the Banks

I can't believe that the Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren race is still uncomfortably close. Do the people of Massachusetts realize that Scott Brown took $20 billion of taxpayer money and handed it straight to the banks? How could anybody vote for the guy who basically asks the big banks, "What can Brown do for you?"

Brown held Dodd-Frank hostage until he got more concessions for the banks. Businessweek explains all the loopholes he inserted in the bill here. But what's even worse is that he demanded that instead of the banks paying the $20 billion it costs to implement the legislation that the American taxpayer foot the bill instead. Since the good people of Massachusetts put in a Republican instead of a Democrat into Ted Kennedy's old seat, the Republican Senator was able to shift the cost onto TARP instead of the banks. So, he did what a good Republican does -- protect his big donors, in this case, the top banks in the country, at your expense.

Why would anyone in Massachusetts want to make that mistake again? Especially when you have the single best candidate to fight against the abuse of the big banks running against him (that's why they're scared to death of her).

Brown seems like an amenable guy who is an average Joe, but it's all a ruse. His pickup truck was used to carry his daughter's horse before it became a prop for his campaign. Don't let him use it next time to carry all the loot he got from the banks for selling out his vote to them.

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