Virginia + Pennsylvania = Good Night Sleep

It is impossible for John McCain to win this election if he loses Pennsylvania and Virginia on Tuesday night. Even if he won every swing state on the map after that -- including Ohio, Florida, North Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada -- he would still lose (you can play around with the electoral map and check for yourself here).

This assumes that Obama will carry every other blue state, plus Iowa. He has double digit leads in all of those states, so that is a fair assumption unless there is colossal voter fraud.

Speaking of which, given Obama's wide lead in many of the states mentioned above, if the results do in fact show him "losing," I would be very, very skeptical of those results. Every polling organization in the country can't be wrong about every state. I don't suspect that we will have this problem, but if we do, I'm not buying any of the crap about a Bradley Effect (in fact, someone on our site has written about the possibility of a Reverse Bradley Effect).

So, we might know who the next President of the United States of America is by 8:05 PM EST on Tuesday night. This has been such a long time coming for those of us who have been fighting this Bush administration for all of these years. I still can't get myself to think about the possibility, even when it appears imminent. I can't imagine the feeling I will have, and we all will have, if and when that happens on what can be one of the most historic nights of our lives.

We will be covering the whole night on our website, from 5PM-2AM EST. We will have guests from major media outlets, to Democratic Congressmen, to some of the top progressives in the country, to our correspondents from all over the country, to your calls. But most importantly, if that magical moment happens, we will not pretend to be objective - we will celebrate with unfettered joy.

Are you ready to make history? Today we get to change the world.