09/26/2013 04:49 pm ET Updated Nov 26, 2013

People, It's Not My Fault I'm Rich

I am so sick and tired of having to feel bad because I have way more money than you guys, which is why I'm so grateful to Kate Menendez for speaking out on Thought Catalog against the silent of oppression of our nation's wealthiest citizens.

For years, I've had to listen to folks with less than me rant about how hard they have it and bite my tongue instead of rightly pointing out that it's not my fault my parents simply worked harder than theirs did. They go on and on (or maybe that's just in my mind after they mentioned it in passing) about how their single parent worked two jobs and struggled just to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, like, no one is paying attention to how hard I have it. As many as half a dozen moments a day, I have to momentarily feel guilty for not having student loans and having a great apartment and summering in South America. It's so completely wrong that these people, without using words, are forcing me to project my own insecurities over my unearned financial status onto them to the point where I break and spew an incredibly insensitive op-ed online.

It's unfair that I don't get to voice my insecurities over my unearned wealth just because these people have issues managing their own money or can't find a good job.

I mean, I shouldn't have to feel guilty for the money I have. I do really considerate things like occasionally handing spare change to homeless folks and even going so far as to tip 15 percent to service staff (15 percent, come on!), even if the service wasn't at all that great because I can't be forced to consider if they're having a bad day due to the stress of making minimum wage and trying to figure out how they're going to bathe their kids for school since the water just got shut off.

And gosh, I was able to get into a really great college (which got me this job) because of my stellar grades. Please don't try to point out that my parents had the wealth to ensure I'd have every financial tool I'd need to succeed academically.

And you know, I really do struggle. For example, the car service my parents bought me for my birthday will occasionally be late because of traffic, and I'll have to use the subway if I can't find a cab in time. The subway! Do you know how disgusting and traumatic that is?!

The point here is that it's unfair to blame me for my financial privilege. Your time would be better spent blaming me for being an asshole who seems to completely lack empathy for people with actual problems related to their finances instead of my contrived grievances.