06/29/2016 03:06 pm ET Updated Jun 30, 2017

Here's How You Get Better Sleep While On An International Travel


If you're traveling frequently, whether it's for business, pleasure, or both, one of the main challenges you face while on the road or over the skies is inadequate amount of sleep. You know you won't be able function to your full potential if you haven't had enough time to rest and recharge, things only quality sleep can provide. It would have been easy if you're not traveling across varying time zones but since you are, it becomes even more challenging. So to help you stay productive and get the most of each international trip that you take, here are seven important tips to keep in mind.

1. Plan.

As they always say, a little planning goes a long way. So make sure you don't leave anything to the last minute to avoid unnecessary stress. Get your family affairs taken care of. Double check your flight and hotel reservations. For hotels, consider booking where there are sleep-friendly amenities present. It's also best to notify your financial institutions about your trip so you can use your credit cards without hassle.

2. Pack as early as possible.

Create a checklist of your personal and business essentials to make sure you don't miss anything. You don't want to be onboard before realizing you've forgotten your favorite face mask!

3. Prepare the essentials for quality sleep.

You may need two eye covers (an extra one will always come handy), earplugs, and a scarf or shawl to keep you warm. It will also help to listen to relaxing music while trying to sleep so get your "sleep well" playlist ready on your smartphone. If you're taking any medications, make sure you have them read, too.

4. Get adequate sleep before your flight.

Because you'll never know if you'll be able to sleep enough once you're aboard the plane, it only makes sense to get adequate sleep before flying. Try avoiding coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol the day before your flight, too.

5. Consume alcoholic drinks in moderation.

Drinking during international trips may help you sleep but on the flip slide, it can also disturb your body from getting rest. It can cause you headaches and a hangover the next day. So when drinking, just do it moderately. Try to cut back on caffeine, too in between business meetings with clients.

6. Consider getting power naps.

There will be days when you'll feel too exhausted for anything. So during these periods, consider getting power naps to recharge your body and reclaim that much needed strength to get through the day.

7. Relax before jumping to bed.

Find something to do like reading a book, listening to soothing music, doing a short workout, or taking a hot bath before going to bed. This way, falling sleep will be easier.

Quality sleep equals peak performance. International travel can be difficult but with proper planning, the right essentials packed in your suit case, and good sleeping habits, you'll get quality sleep to help you get through the challenges each day presents.