11/21/2007 12:52 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

A Feel-Good Thanksgiving

There's nothing more apropos at Thanksgiving than being thankful. I am truly appreciative of the many blessings in my life -- my family is, of course, at the top of that list. But since I have so many people and things to be grateful for, this time of year inspires me to share my bounty. So, in the spirit of sharing, here is my recipe for a tasty, and feel-good thanksgiving.

1. Buy several turkeys -- as many as you can roast over the course of a day. Obviously if you have more than one oven and an electric roasting pan, you can cook several at the same time.
2. Gather your roasting pans, or purchase some of those aluminum disposal ones from your local market. Also, pick up some of those handy-dandy baking bags to roast the turkeys in to seal in the juices.
3. Rinse the turkeys, take out the insides; (use these for stock) and rub the birds with garlic salt and fresh rosemary. Do NOT stuff with breading.
4. Bake according to directions. Make sure they are well-done.
5. Deliver the baked birds to your local Red Cross office. Some very busy Red Cross volunteers will be thrilled.

Serving size: Many local community members who don't have the resources to make this dinner themselves this year.

Note: It's best to call the Red Cross in advance to see when they can take delivery of the turkeys. I roasted and sent ten turkeys yesterday, and they reported that the recipients thoroughly enjoyed their thanksgiving meals. Nothing could have made me happier. The aroma of roasting turkey a day or so before the big day will get you in the mood for the festivities your family will enjoy. But the knowledge that you're helping other people in your community enjoy a hearty, traditional meal in the face of hardships, will make the treat even more special for you. It's amazing how such a simple, enjoyable effort can help us understand the meaning of gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving to all -- courtesy of those who have so much more than most to be thankful for.