11/17/2014 01:03 pm ET Updated Jan 17, 2015

My Top 5 Quotes From Toronto Fitness Studios That I Apply in Business and Life

I have always been into fitness my whole life. I love the high of pushing my body and mind to limits that I never thought were achievable... and well also a flat out good sweat. I have often found parallels that I can draw upon when it comes to fitness, business and in life. During times when I feel stressed, need inspiration or I'm just beaten down, I will always turn to a hard workout. This helps me find myself again, regain focus and strength. But I don't just go to any workout, I seek out the best of the best in Toronto when it comes to instructors and studios.

Here are my top 5 quotes from the best studios and instructors in Toronto:

1. "If you want it, go get it." One of the most powerful yet simple things that I have ever heard by instructor Jeffrey @studiolagree on King Street. We all have dreams, we all have desires; our dreams will not just happen, we have to actively pursue them. We are the masters and creators of our destiny which we have to manifest.

2. "Don't think about it, just do it." In times of struggle this is one of my favorites by Jen instructor and personal trainer @CYKL_Toronto . Not only does Jen do a killer class with the best music ever, she inspires through her gruelling class. We are all working towards goals and at times become overwhelmed when looking at the journey toward the end state. This is when this quote comes in handy, we can't think about it, we just have to put one foot in front of the other because we can get discouraged with the challenges that the journey may have ahead. By just doing it, will take us there.

3. "If it does not hurt, you are not working hard enough." - Jeffrey @studiolagree. Ah yes Jeffrey, so true in so many ways. We all know that hard work requires effort, stamina, compromise...all very obvious ideas but for some reason we tend to forget it when we are in the grind. We must remember this is the notion of the promise of the greater value of rewards for the price of hard work...a great litmus test for us. Thank you Jeffrey.

4. "It's ok to get aggressive" - Andrea @CYKL_Toronto When I first heard this in the grind of a spin class, something inside me changed. Not only did I start to crank it out on the bike, my outlook on the word aggressive changed. The "A" word has been one that with women keeps coming up. Mr.Webster defines aggressive as the following; ag•gres•sive: adjective \ə-ˈgre-siv\: ready and willing to fight, argue, etc. : using forceful methods to succeed or to do something: marked by driving forceful energy or initiative.

It made me think -- is this a bad thing in life and in business? If I did not approach some of my toughest challenges with aggression, I would have failed.

5. "Namaste; the divine in me recognizes the divine in you." I am of Indian roots. I have been brought up with this word my entire life but I never really understood the force behind it until I started practicing yoga. As a regular student @MOKSHAyogaDtown , we end all of our all classes with this word. It is a word of respect that can be used universally. We all have kindness, compassion and love within us. This is our divine spirit hence the importance to remind ourselves of that through this salutation.