01/25/2012 03:57 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lady Gaga's 15 Worst Outfits Ever

Lady Gaga is one of the biggest stars today, known perhaps more for her outrageous outfits and performances than her music. She definitely has a taste for weird, and her outfits go from weird to weirder and even shocking. I put together a list of her 15 absolute worst outfits she's ever worn, for your enjoyment. This is exactly what she's trying to achieve by sporting these bizarre costumes in public, so we're not being mean, just giving her more press! Don't feel judgmental, and feel free to post your opinion on her number 1 worst outfit below.

Lady Gaga fashion is freakish -- but fans are following suit, literally, by imitating her strange fashion sense. Gaga is known for wearing her platinum blonde hair long and straight with a large piece of it tied into a bow on top of her head, which fans have copied everywhere, and also for re-popularizing round spectacle sunglasses. Gaga also wore "anime eyes" contact lenses in her "Bad Romance" music video, which started a huge trend of wearing "circle lenses", which are actually illegal in the U.S and potentially dangerous. Fashion brands even started getting wilder and coming out with bizarre pieces to attract Lady Gaga fans, such as Opening Ceremony and Rodarte for Opening Ceremony. Wild shoes, wild hair, and wild outfits is getting popular, and Lady Gaga just keeps on getting weirder.

Terrible on so many levels.

Creative Commons - Flickr - TJ Sengal

The guy on the right makes me laugh more than her costume.

Creative Commons - Flickr - TJ Sengal

Oh my...

Creative Commons - Flickr - TJ Sengal that?

Creative Commons - Flickr - VJ Alisa!

She looks like a victorian fruit rollup.

Creative Commons - Flickr - Emma's..♠

I don't even know what to say.

Creative Commons - Flickr - a_choudhuri

Woah, it's called a bra.

Creative Commons - Flickr - nellyfus

No, you could not pass as a nun.

Creative Commons - Flickr - nellyfus

Somebody call PETA.

Creative Commons - Flickr - Cate.Sevilla

It's Cousin It!

Creative Commons - Flickr - John Robert Charlton

She looks like a very scary wrestler. And so does that person next to her.

Creative Commons - Flickr - Michael_Spencer

One word: hideous.

Creative Commons - Flickr - TonyFelgueiras

A Viking stripper?

Creative Commons - Flickr - aphrodite-in-nyc

That looks dangerous.

Creative Commons - Flickr - StephenCarlile

This dress wins the most disgusting outfit award for me. A dress made entirely of raw red meat. She must've smelled really bad by the end of the night.

Creative Commons - Flickr - Beth77