03/06/2013 10:30 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bill Moody, 'Paul Bearer' Dead: Here's A Look Back At The WWE Legend's Home (VIDEO)

Professional wrestling fans were saddened this morning to find out that Bill Moody, best known as the Undertaker's rotund, high-pitched and generally spooky manager Paul Bearer died on Tuesday night.

Before joining the WWE, Moody had made his name in the southern wrestling promotions as the over-the-top characters Percival Pringle III, a super-rich manager who feuded with the "good guys" of the area. In early 1991, he made his debut in the WWE drawing on his real-life job as a licensed mortician in the role of urn-toting Paul Bearer who seconded the newly debuted living dead man the Undertaker. Bearer was inseparable with the Undertaker, working alongside and feuding against him until being written out of storylines in the early 2000s.

What made the character work was just how ghoulish Moody made it. As an adult, one of my favorite appearances of Paul Bearer was this house tour that originally aired on WWE programming. At the time, it was completely frightening to me. Remember, seeing this as a 10 year old, it was terrifying to even consider the fact that someone -- even someone as creepy as Paul Bearer -- would live in a funeral parlor!

And that's what makes this video work so much is that how appropriate everything in Paul Bearer's house's nearly pitch black on the inside, all the furniture is really old and drab, and that there are skeletons and coffins just strewn about. It's almost like a parody of where a mortician would live. Credit goes for Moody, because throughout this he acts like there is nothing out of the ordinary.

Watch the video below to see inside Bearer's home and click through our slideshow to see photos.

Billy Moody AKA Paul Bearer

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