06/12/2012 08:19 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How To Clean A Grill With...Coffee?

Coffee is good for starting the day, keeping you awake for meetings the grill? Yes, it's true. The acidic nature of a strong cup of coffee can do wonders for burned-on grease or just mildly dirty grill grates.

how to clean

Flickr photo from kessop

Here's all you have to do: Brew a full pot of coffee, pour it into a basin and then soak your grill grates. (This also works for barbecue utensils or oven burners.) Let it sit for about an hour, give it a quick scrub and then rinse with warm water. The grate should be good as new. Easy, right? This tip also works for the old pot of coffee you had leftover from this morning.