Repurposing Ideas: 5 New Uses For Aspirin

This common pain reliever can be used long after that headache goes away. From plant 'Prozac' to a surprising way to soothe sunburns, here are a few unusual household hints.
05/29/2012 02:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Aspirin is more than just a pain reliever. Variations of aspirin have had a variety of other uses, going back to the ancient Egyptians. We've asked around and here are some ways that you can use aspirin long after that headache goes away.

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Sunburn Reliever
Been out in the sun too long? Aspirin can fix it. Grind up a few pills and add just enough water to make it into a paste. You can then rub this paste on your sunburn, kind of like a topical analgesic. If that sounds too messy, you can take the aspirin (just make sure you follow the proper dosage information). Aspirin is an anti-inflamatory agent, helping reduce the pain caused by too much sun exposure.

Chlorine Remover
If swimming is your exercise of choice, or you just plan on being in the pool all summer, then you know that chlorine can wreak havoc on your hair. For starters, it can leave hair with a greenish tint. To bring your locks back to normal, dissolve about six to eight aspirin tablets in water. Massage the mixture into your hair, letting it sit for10 minutes. After that, rinse and shampoo it like usual. The aspirin solution will remove the chlorine residue in your hair.

Plant 'Prozac'
From being eaten by bugs, bad weather, plant disease and transplanting, it can be hard out there for a plant. But you can boost your plant's "immune system" by giving them aspirin. Just dissolve a tablet into a gallon of water, then pour into the plant pot (or, on the surrounding soil). This trick also works for cut flowers, too. Simply drop an aspirin in the vase for fresher flowers.

Laundry Helper
Sweat and antiperspirant stains can turn good clothes into rags-to-be. But you can remove those stains with the help of, you guessed it, aspirin. Dissolve eight aspirin pills into warm water (about half a cup). Pour this all over the stain and let it sit for ten to fifteen minutes, and then put the garment through the wash. If this doesn't completely remove the stain, repeat the process.

Skin Exfoliant
You know those expensive exfoliants and facial cleansers? They work thanks to salicylic acid, which is found in aspirin. You can use the leftover aspirin water solution from the hair cleaner that we made earlier to exfoliate your skin. Bonus: To make a blemish disappear, mash up an aspirin pill with water and then apply directly to the zit. Let sit overnight for clear, happy skin.

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