03/24/2013 10:45 pm ET Updated May 24, 2013

One Of 'The Good Wife's' Best Episodes Ever

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 19 of CBS' "The Good Wife," titled "Death of a Client."

"The Good Wife" killed John Noble and turned his death into one of the best episodes of the series. Ever.

In "Death of a Client," Alicia's night on the town with Peter at the Shamrock Dinner is ruined by the news of Matthew's ("Fringe" star Noble) murder. The police question Alicia about Matthew, a previously unseen client until now. Their interaction in the episode is 1. Adorable and 2. Told through flashbacks. It's a departure for "The Good Wife," but one that works well in terms of the pacing and tone of the episode. Noble's character was quite eccentric -- would you have him any other way? -- and Alicia described him as very litigious. The police lied to Alicia and said they found her address in the GPS of the murderer's car in an effort to get her to break attorney/client privilege. Sneaky cops. It's that willingness to sue that ended Matthew's life. It wasn't the CIA, a crooked cop or the phone company that did him in, rather it was the owner of a barking dog he previously sued. "Have you ever met a dog lover?" Kalinda asked. It was a court-less episode with no real case, which was quite the treat and a very needed change of pace.

"This is America. You can sue anybody!"
John Noble was delightfully entertaining as Matthew. There was just the right amount of him. He wasn't overwhelming by any means. The last scene with him and Alicia was the sweetest.

When Alicia thought her life was possibly in danger, she asked her mother Veronica (the wonderful Stockard Channing) to take her kids to safety. They didn't get very far and ended up in a bar. It was there that Veronica started revealing family secrets, which was great. The kids didn't annoy me for once and whenever viewers are given more insight into Alicia's past, the more I appreciate the character. According to Veronica, Alicia was quite the wild child. Also Zach slept with Becca (!) and uber religious Grace is dating that kid. "The more you know." Can't wait for more Alicia/Veronica interaction. Also, can we get Stockard Channing to stick around more? Please and thank you.

Over in election land, Matthew Perry returned as Mike, the Republican candidate for governor. He was up to his old tricks (lying) and being a big ole schmuck. "Die choking on your own blood, please," Alica said to him. After lying to the cardinal about why Alicia left with the police, Peter punches Mike in the bathroom and makes it look like he fell after drinking too much. The cardinal didn't end up endorsing either candidate, to the delight of Eli.

Meanwhile, in dangling plot thread news:

Cary grabbed Kalinda's hand and, earlier in the episode, she was at a bar with a woman.

Alicia seemed pretty conflicted with letting go of Will, but this could be it. "We're keeping each other from moving on ... It's passed and I'm pretending it's not. I'm being selfish. I mean, even talking about it here, I'm being selfish. I'm back with Peter. Now this has to end," she told him holding back tears.

Amanda Peet is still around, lusting after Will.

And the most important one ... Will Diane become a Supreme Court Justice!? I mean, you drop that possibility in front of me and then you leave it there? How rude, "Good Wife." How rude. Peter approached Diane about being his nominee for the spot ... could she leave Lockhart/Gardner behind? I'm leaning toward no, but I'd love to see her say yes. I'm just not sure how they'd keep her around and in the mix if she did.

"Death of a Client" was a wonderful episode of "The Good Wife." Why can't they all be like this?

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