11/25/2012 11:05 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2013

'The Good Wife' Recap: DOMA Tackled In 'A Defense Of Marriage'

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 9 of CBS' "The Good Wife," titled "A Defense Of Marriage."

"Oh come on," I said as "The Good Wife" wrapped a very enjoyable episode. Both because "A Defense of Marriage" was ending and because Alicia's actions.

Stockard Channing was nothing short of amazing and incredibly entertaining. Seeing her interact with her TV kids as Veronica, Alicia and Owen's mother, gave viewers some insight into Alicia as a character. From her constant promotion of "Vagina: A New Biography" to discussing her love of circumcised penises, I loved every minute she was on screen.

Veronica was in town for the holidays ... and to sort out a will. Her third husband, Malcolm, died and left her nothing because his son convinced him Veronica was cheating on him. With the help of David Lee and Owen -- Owen lied on the stand for his mom: Veronica really was cheating on Malcolm -- Veronica's case worked out in the end and she was able to nag and meddle in Alicia and Peter's marriage without a worry.

And here comes the "Oh come on" part: Alicia and Peter got it on in the bathroom, on the toilet, directly after Thanksgiving dinner. I thought Alicia was progressing, but she's back to where we started. Veronica's plea of "Let her go" seemed to resonate with him ... until Alicia grabbed him and pulled down her skirt. I've never been a big fan of the two of them together and was hoping Alicia would continue developing as a character without being tethered to Peter.

In addition to Stockard Channing's excellent turn, this episode will be remembered as the time "The Good Wife" took on the Defense of Marriage Act. When Lockhart/Gardner's tax case raises questions about DOMA and gay marriage, Bruce McGill, as Jeremy Breslow, enters as a new co-counsel. A wire tap between a husband and wife got a co-defendant's charges dropped and Lockhart/Gardner tried to use the same defense for their gay client ... enter DOMA. The spousal privilege under federal law rendered the CEO's wire tap inadmissible, but because of DOMA, the federal government only recognizes marriage between men and women. Therefore, the federal law was not extended to Lockhart/Gardner's client. Jeremy, the "Supreme Court super lawyer," wanted to throw the case so he could appeal and take DOMA to the Supreme Court. Alicia and Diane weren't too fond of this strategy and started to fight back, eventually convincing "Caroline in the City's" Richard (Malcolm Gets) to let them win his case. Always nice to see "The Good Wife" take on topical issues, but there's already a DOMA case that could be heard by the Supreme Court and it would've been nice for it to get a reference ... unless "The Good Wife" decided that that case doesn't exist in their world.

Cary escaped his beating with a black eye and found Nick actually not being weirdly abusive to Kalinda for a change and threatened him subtly. Is this storyline done yet? Kalinda's only scene in this episode was at a bar with Alicia (!) to present her with critical information so she can win "Caroline in City" guy's case and do shots.

Some stray thoughts:

  • I'd watch a web series that's just Jackie and Veronica throwing barbs at each other.
  • Is Jackie's dude falling in love with her?
  • It's only a matter of time before Kelsey Grammer starts recurring as a judge, right?
  • "I was just telling Will about the 'Vagina' book we're reading."
  • I might start a Diane brooch watch.
  • Is there a video of Christine Baranski laughing continuously?

Gasp count:
I'm counting the "Oh come on" as a gasp, so 1.

"The Good Wife" airs Sunday at 9 p.m. EST on CBS.

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