10/07/2012 10:30 pm ET Updated Dec 07, 2012

'The Good Wife' Recap: Maura Tierney Steals The Show In 'And The Law Won'

Note: Do not read on if you have not yet seen Season 4, Episode 2 of CBS' "The Good Wife," titled "And The Law Won."

Welcome to "The Good Wife," Maura Tierney. Please stay. Forever.

Week after week I seem to praise the performances guest actors turn in on "The Good Wife." Surprise, I'm not going to stop doing that, especially when it comes to Tierney. One of my favorite actresses, news Tierney's involvement on "The Good Wife" easily was the most exciting casting announcement read all year. As feminist-friendly Maddie Hayward, Tierney got to interact with several key players, but I especially enjoyed her time with Julianna Margulies. Yes, it was an "ER" reunion -- Tierney's Abby helped Margulies' Carol deliver her twins -- but when these two were in their scenes I wasn't seeing Abby and Carol -- it was Alicia and Maddie. Two actresses who are known for their roles on "ER" were able to shed those characters with ease and that's no easy task -- and it's a testament to the electrifyingly great talent both Margulies and Tierney posses.

Maddie and Alicia: BFFs?
Maddie's Lockhart/Gardner's new landlord. She's very rich and a Democrat. Diane tries to get a new lease agreement since Lockhart/Gardner is very, very much in trouble financially, but Maddie is just interested in being buddies with Alicia. At first, it seemed Maddie wanted to challenge Alicia on why she's sticking by Peter, but once the two meet and Alicia stands by her convictions, Maddie decides the two should be pals. Oh, and that she should give money to Peter's campaign and not change the lease agreement for Lockhart/Gardner. This upsets Diane (rightfully so) and puts Alicia in an odd place. But yay for Alicia having friends! I loved that Alicia thought Maddie was hitting on her when she asked her for drinks. Amanda Peet will join the series in a few episodes as another possible friend to Alicia. It'll be fun to see her with a group of ladies and not just Kalinda. (I still love you, Kalicia) Alicia has spent so much time being the torn figure in the spotlight so these friends should help flesh out the character, just like the introduction of Owen.

Now that I've gotten all the gushing out of the way, let's discuss the episode. It's Will's first case and he's going up against Richard Gilmore Edward Herrmann's Lionel Deerfield. Yep, he was there at the end and is there at the beginning again. Kalinda's a little MIA, causing anguish, but that gets wrapped up -- more on that later -- and she comes to Will's aid in figuring out which juror is most into the case. A man is pepper-sprayed, tasered and then ultimately killed during a protest, and Lockhart/Gardner takes on the city over excessive police force. It turns out the police did target the man, and a settlement is reached. Thank goodness Lockhart/Gardner got their dough because Nathan Lane's Clarke Hayden is chopping departments left and right.

I scream, you scream ...
So how about that ice cream parlor scene? I gasped so loudly and had to pause the episode because it was so shocking. "The Good Wife" continues to push the sexual boundaries on network TV. Got to love Kalinda being so unfazed by the whole thing, like her ex-husband getting all handsy with her under the table at an ice cream shop happens on a regular basis. Then when Nick notices she's all, "Whatever," he sticks his fingers in her ice cream. What's Kalinda do? She continues to eat her ice cream cone like nothing happened. This isn't your mother's legal drama. So she left him when he was in jail, taking what he claims is his money. I wouldn't mind seeing a flashback to Kalinda's former life, but its mystery now adds a lot of excitement. Who is Kalinda? We're just starting to figure all that out and it is exhilarating. Kalinda finally (It's only been two episodes, but the interaction between Kalinda and Nick makes it feel much longer) tells Alicia who Nick is and Alicia's reaction is appropriate. The scene between Alicia and Nick was all sorts of enjoyable. Alicia got very protective and used that steely glare we've seen so frequently and Nick did his best to try and unnerve our heroine, but it didn't work.

"And The Law Won" is a stronger episode than the Season 4 premiere and I cannot wait to welcome Maura Tierney back for more episodes.

Gasp count: Two.
The ice cream parlor (duh) and when Kalinda told Alicia Nick was her husband.

What did you think of the ice cream parlor scene? Too far or not far enough? Did you enjoy Maura Tierney's guest turn?

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