06/28/2012 01:29 pm ET Updated Aug 28, 2012

Tip Top

The fitness culture (and Emmy nomination) at Everyday Health.

Yes, he will get your email configured for you, but watch yourself. Should you ever lose it completely and bum-rush him in fury over a forgotten password, he will calmly neutralize you, put you on the floor, then return to his business. Always the quiet types, no?

The quiet type here is a tech staffer with a fifth degree blackbelt in Okinawan karate at Everyday Health, where the team is generally fitness crazed. The provider of online health information also counts a league championship basketball team (as of last night), MMA experts, and a triathalon crew.

Based in West SoHo, Everyday Health's reach now spans 25 websites and more than 100 "health centers" where content is grouped by topic (i.e. "knee pain") and generates 30 million unique visitors monthly. And now they're doing video and TV. By "doing" we mean their foray into TV (with an eponymous show on ABC, co-hosted by Laila Ali) was nominated for an Emmy. That's a first ever for a digital company. Their YouTube channel, launched in January, just crossed six million views. Not bad for a company started by two guys in a Brooklyn kitchen.

The new efforts mean new hires -- they've made more than a hundred in the last year -- and 19 more spots are currently open.

Now go forth (and watch yourself).

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