05/07/2012 03:35 pm ET Updated Jul 07, 2012

Fresh Start For Seamless

It's really starting to look more and more like a George Jetson world. You pick up the slim rectangular machine off the table (the one with the little piece of fruit for a logo) and tap a button or two. 20 minutes later some guy appears at the door with a cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, and a chocolate shake, pouring rain notwithstanding. Never mind that you don't need a cheeseburger and should have really ordered the tofu and a mint tea. The point is - it's pure future.

Okay, okay - we're not actually that blown away by all the things apps let us do at this point, including ordering food. But every once in awhile it's worth a step back and a look at how far things have come.

One company that gives us that perspective is Seamless. Founded in 2000, Seamless (as in don't-call-us-'Seamless-Web'-we've-rebranded) flourished in the post dot com era as a web-based food delivery service, was acquired six years ago, and then spun out again last year. The spin out came with new capital and a renewed focus on product (think mobile) and innovation (think more mobile). It's a fresh start - a born again startup.

The Seamless offices aren't quite the Skypad in Orbit City, but they're still some of the most eye-catching we've seen. Light, modern, and open - with gorgeous views of Bryant Park. We must say, it made it a little tough to return to the ol' Wakefield bureau. Sigh.

Oh, and Seamless is hiring. Really hiring. See all 20 openings here.

Now go forth (and tap that little device until something magical a cheeseburger).

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