07/06/2005 12:39 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Media Madness

As someone who is young and interested in the media, I couldn't help but notice this story in today's Times:

CAIRO, July 5 - The newly appointed editors of Egypt's largest state-owned newspapers slipped into their posts and their corner offices on Tuesday, in one of the most significant shake-ups in Egypt's state-owned news media in decades.

The new executives, most of them younger and ostensibly more reform minded, have taken the helm of such venerable newspapers as Al Ahram, Akhbar al Yom and Al Gumhuriya. Their appointment is widely regarded here as an attempt to temper growing frustration with the pace of reform in Egypt ahead of the election for president planned for September. [emphasis added]

So let me get this straight. Egypt is promoting young, reform-minded journalists at their most reputed newspapers. America, meanwhile, is about to send two highly accomplished journalists to jail for simply doing their job.

Anyone know when the next flight to Cairo leaves?