03/28/2013 10:02 am ET Updated May 28, 2013

Life Is About More Than Sports

I have never once taken a shot. Never drawn up a game-winning play. Never stepped onto the court or yelled at an official from the coach's box. But as the General Manager of the Connecticut Sun and -- in the late 90s, the ABL's New England Blizzard -- basketball has been my life for 14 years.

It has given me incredible highs with each close win and unbelievable lows with every season-ending loss.

A couple of weeks ago, a gymnasium buzzer sounded on the last game of my daughter's career. At 13, she has played competitive basketball since she was eight. She continues to play lacrosse, but has decided that basketball is no longer something she wants to pursue.

And for me, that's fine.

Because while the sport that has been so much of my life for as long as she has been alive no longer appeals to her, it has already given her so much. It taught her the value of sportsmanship. It taught her to understand when to be aggressive and when to be passive. It opened up doors and opportunities for her to meet new friends and new coaches, and to grow as an individual. It taught her how to dedicate herself and organize her time.

Perhaps most importantly, basketball did not define who she is. Rather, it helped her define who she is as a person.

Over the course of the last decade, I have been fortunate to be associated with one of the classiest organizations in professional sports. And with colleagues around the league who have become friends and respected peers.

This opportunity has better prepared me to be a father and coach to my son and daughter, and to be a better leader to my staff here with the Sun. I have met and continued to be involved with amazing individuals who helped to define who we are and how we grow, learn and teach others. I have been side-by-side with many great athletes and have witnessed first-hand the sheer power, determination, passion and competitiveness that burns within them.

When that buzzer sounded the other day, I knew a moment had passed. As important as basketball is for me, it no longer has the same hold on my daughter. While basketball had always been one of the many bonds we shared, though, life is about more than sports. She still appreciates the game and the women who play at the highest levels, and she knows she can compete at anything as long as she puts in the effort.

Every season I am renewed with passion and excitement about what might be. Will this be the year? When the buzzer sounds on my season, I hope that I can say that we have won our last game. But if not, I will come back stronger and prepared for whatever comes my way. I will learn and grow from the people, expectations and objectives that are around me every day. I will be like my daughter and face new challenges, new expectations and someday, a new direction. And I will be prepared, because basketball has taught me how.