08/24/2007 07:48 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Bumpersticker Slogan Contest

"Immature humorists borrow.

Mature humorists steal."

-- attributed to Mark Twain

While I consider myself neither a humorist nor mature, I've always like that quote, and it seemed an appropriate witticism to open with. Because I'm about to blatantly steal someone else's great idea. Tim Grieve, who writes the War Room blog at Salon, is the author of this great idea.

He recently drew attention to the fact that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (the guys in charge of getting more Democrats elected to the Senate next year) are actually running a campaign bumpersticker contest over at their website. You can enter a slogan (40 character limit) that you think would be the best bumpersticker to use in order to get Democrats elected. (I'm not making this up -- feel free to go to their site and enter a slogan, if you wish.)

Tim ran his own contest on Salon to see what his readers could come up with on their own. But (in my humble opinion), his winners list isn't all that impressive.

There are some amusing ones, to be sure. Here are what I consider the best of his top five for each party (for some reason, I liked numbers two and three from both parties):



3. "GOP in '08! No, seriously!" -- DerekJ.

2. "9/11/2001. 9/11. 911. NineEleven. Boo! GOP in '08." -- monsteroflove.



3. "We Shouldn't Even Need A Slogan." -- ScottyRVA.

2. "Osama Still Has a Job. Do You?" -- myiq2xu.


Now, I don't want to start some sort of inter-website fracas, but I bet Huffington Post readers can come up with better slogans than the Salonites managed. So, HuffPosties, I throw down the same challenge: who can come up with the best bumpersticker slogan for either Democrats or Republicans to use in next year's election?


[I won't hold you to the 40 character limit, but they've got to be short enough to be readable on a bumpersticker.]


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