11/07/2014 02:38 pm ET Updated Jan 07, 2015

The Connected Generation

Yes, indeed we all have been there. We were all young once, we conquered our wishes and our dream. We embraced the world! Now youth has more tools and many more ways to connect with each other than ever before. Let's count the ways : The internet, computer, cellphone, iPhone, tablets, apps and other devices. Many young people are, not all, confused and seeking answers. Of course seeking answers is a healthy quest. The info-sphere is growing every day and social media has had a huge impact on the young, actually on everybody through all forms of electronic communications. The global impact has left many involved in a world previously unknown to them.

Yet, it is like living life virtually, but not really. Real environment still demands and plays a major role, and it is still locally rooted. Instant gratification is the choice, in leisure time or compensation. Education is expensive, then jobs are hard to find, the world is very insecure. The veil of protection was destroyed after the terror attacks of 9/11 and it left many young people questioning their future. The world has become an uneasy place, and parents cannot always find answers or protect their children. Often the common denominator is questioning: what for, if we cannot find good professional environments or hight quality work? Yet, in America the positive always outweighs the negative, even with implications of uncertainty or peer pressure. Education is a major source of expense and growth becomes more and more essential and important in a competitive world. The American youth has the encouragement of its environment, to find its stride where they have a chance to participate and play an important part, always in search of a better life, better understanding and learning who they are!

Dr. Elisabeth Kelan, Professor of Leadership, first at Oxford's King's College, London, now at Cranfield University, School of Managment, England, has researched Gender Studies, Generation, Identity at Work. She has studied young people around the world, has authored several articles and books on this subject: Rising Stars-Developing Millennial Women as Leaderss and Performing Gender at Work. Dr. Kelan speaks of her studies:

The young generation is often described as impatient, self obsessed and narcissistic, as research has indicated that young people rate higher on narcissism in psychological tests. Yet, considering, what made these test-scores higher is the increased insecurity brought on by the economic crises and the immediacies of the technological advances. It taught that old securities can wither away. They learned that they can connect and share information with others globally through social media. This explains why they are impatient and self-focused. They have realized that in changing times, they can only rely on themselves to be successful. Rather than presuming that this generation is selfish, arrogant and ignorant, we should consider the factors that shaped this generation and made them who they are. No bashing of a generation.

In her statement Dr. Kelan is considering the environment and the current climate of insecurity. The job for a lifetime is a thing of the past. Changing jobs or even professions has become the norm, today people change jobs four or five times more than in the past and this will increase in the future. The mobility of our time, the momentum for change is constantly present. There is also the loss of trust observing a fragmented society. Language, our most potently powerful tool has been reduced to Twitter and has lost its magic. The lack of big ideas, the dislike for the establishment, disrespect for conformity and allure in a digital world -- all these are palatable. Rebooting some of these losses can always be achieved -- if there is the desire to do so. A free society can set the stage and it can provide the foundation to achieve the goals.

Certain things still remain, and should be paid attention to for they have not lost their value. Words like: civility, integrity, honesty and believing in courteous behavior towards one another. The strength of family, the guidance through experience, the curiosity for life and its great potential, the endless possibilities of furthering the human society. So many of these thoughts remain valuable and can only foster growth in the young, or young at heart.