07/23/2014 02:45 pm ET Updated Sep 22, 2014

The Golden Rules of Manners, Now and for the Future

Sam Edwards via Getty Images

Let's think for a moment of our global, inter-connected world. We know instantly about events, good and bad, near or far, around the globe. It is time to reflect on some useful tools or ideas to present yourself in a more favorable light. It's all about manners! Not the old-fashioned kind, white gloves and all, but the kind of behavior that will assist you in your daily endeavors through communicating ideas, electronically and otherwise.

Respect, first for yourself and then for others, is essential. Let's face it... poor manners are a sign of disrespect towards oneself and others. These ABC's of manners will keep you from bobbing in the sea of constant information and at times, confusion. We have a choice and can apply these golden rules to everyday life.

A: Answer messages, emails or other inquiries as quickly as possible
Acknowledge if you do not know the answer or understand the question
Appreciate the hand extended to you -- in action and in spirit

B: Don't believe everything you read or hear -- find out the truth on your terms
Behave towards others as you would like to be treated

C: Curiosity is a gift to oneself and a lifeline to learning
Communicate ideas in a polite, quiet manner
Casualness is not sloppiness

D: Dignify others with your attention
Define your intentions clearly

E: Look people in the eye when you are greeting them
Share your experiences generously
Calmly explain a difference of opinion

F: Don't drop the F-word: it's a bomb
Traveling to a foreign country, learn about its customs and some useful words
Find out all you can about the company when you are applying for a job

G: Greet people with a direct clear gaze and a firm hand-shake
Giving a gift is thoughtful ...not a pay-off
Set goals to accomplish decide the goals

H: Hypocrisy limits you own thinking
Hold yourself to standards you expect from others
Honor your elders

I: For interviews be prepared and informed... including knowing the names of leaders and executives
Show interest and knowledge in a job-offer situation
Introduce a man to a woman... the younger to the older

J: Judgmental behavior is a sign of ill-conceived self-importance
Do not jest at others sad moments; show empathy if someone is grieving
Joyful bantering is better than shouting

K: Keep a confidence, it is an honor and needs to be treated with respect
Knives and forks are great tools... but not weapons to point with

L: Listening is learning and learning is forever
Laughter is wonderful, screaming laughter is disruptive

M: Manners may differ from nation to nation, good conduct is universal
Good table manners are part of business and social gatherings

N: Negotiate ideas in quiet tones.
Encourage inspired renewals of life's path or pattern

O: Omit looking to the past... enjoy the today and the tomorrow
Don't be obstinate in your opinions; listen to other's thoughts

P: Learn patience, not everyone is a fast speaker or thinker
Don't point or wave a finger at someone when speaking
Pay attention to your surroundings

Q: Question unethical behavior towards you or others
Associate with people who share your quality of thinking

R: Respect others opinions or believes
Use your responsibilities thoughtfully and wisely
Have the person of honor sit to your RIGHT... it could be a date or a person of importance

S: Stand up when a woman or a man approach your table or desk-
Speak clearly of your intentions
Shake hands firmly, not in a grip nor like a wet towel

T: No texting while in conversation unless it is part of the communicating effort.
Trust your intuition
Be on time for meetings, even with a friend... respect their time

U: Use your conscience and listen to it when adjusting to difficult situations
Uphold work ethics and commitment

V: Avoid vulgar language, it shows poor schooling for life
Virtual reality is not real
Treat visitors with courtesy

W: Walk away from negative situations
Welcome new ideas
Don't whisper in the company of others

X: Xenophobia is the fear of others -- avoid it

Y: Yesterday's ideas are not all bad.
Yawning... hold your hand in front of your mouth

Z: Avoid zealots
Zero in on tasks at hand

These helpful tips will make life a bit easier. Remember also strict rules are there to be broken or changed unless they help to improve the joy of life.