09/29/2014 06:51 pm ET Updated Nov 28, 2014

Too Much of a Good Thing

Let's talk about addiction, I am not thinking about drugs but about technology. Have you ever seen yourself in a situation where you could not resist... another glass of wine, another piece of chocolate, another pair of shoes, or the newest and latest electronic device? I am thinking about self-discipline. None of these before mentioned items are wrong, only when they become addictive as a substitute to human endeavor and become 'too much of a good thing.' There are many things we can become addicted to, even to people as history has shown. Another human being, someone we admire or become enslaved to beyond the normal way of like or love. One can be or become a workaholic. Addiction has many faces.

We all have been tempted. Some of these temptations can be fatal, some can be controlled by self-discipline. What ever the cause is... it can be eradicated if one seeks help.

It is said that addiction is a remedy for an empty, unfulfilled life, or a life not lived to its fullest. We all need someone to lean on... it is a delicate balance to find answers to addiction. It is not enough to talk to a friend, one needs help from an outsider, a professional who can deal with the problem and helps to find an answer and a solution. It also deals with trust in the person who has the knowledge about the subject of addiction, I was told... that one needs to interview the person whether he or she suits the needs like you would check out a fine lawyer or a doctor. Treat yourself to the best help there is, once you are honest with yourself... that help is needed.

In our world of total technology... the most prevalent and continuous addiction is technology. Nothing wrong with being tech-savvy, knowledgeable about the newest devices or apps, or functions of your computer table or iPhone. Yet, it becomes disruptive if people have the device turned on all day and all night. We can become sleep deprived by being wired all the time.
Technology allows us to be hyper-connected with the outside world yet lose the connection to the inner world. These relentless demands on our time effect all our senses. One has to learn to tune out! Technology impacts life, health and relationships. The price for addiction is high... break the habit by disconnecting from the digital world and reconnect to your inner being and a time for contemplation. Banishing devices at night is a start!

Technology has taken the place of a conversation, eye contact, exchanging ideas with a friend, of a sense of being. Virtual contact is a great tool, but as all tools it only assists in creating a virtual closeness. Just watch people in public places, on the street or in a restaurant, they pay little attention to their environment, nor are they aware of events happening around them. All these devices are fine tools... that is all they are. We use them daily and they make our lives more connected and quicker to find solutions, yet they are also disruptive if they are not controlled. Great to have but should not take place of human and real contact. They're a substitute and servants... not the other way around.

We must not allow to be on automatic pilot 24/7. Today it is an accepted practice to having phones everywhere and anywhere, in theaters, in churches or synagogues, in restaurants, in concert halls. Of course there are exceptions, a doctor on call, a babysitter's problem, but in general it is part of the etiquette to keep the device off the table and turned off. Time off... time out is also like taking a vacation... recharge and unplug. These powerful tools will be there, even if you go offline. It takes common sense.