06/11/2013 11:28 am ET Updated Aug 11, 2013

'Somewhere Over The Rainbow'

My mind has been on overload and I am forcing myself to sit down and write. Not because I feel obligated to do so, but because I have missed it. I have been craving the solitude of being in my own head and filing thoughts, making sense of moments and having the realizations that are conceived when I sit and calm myself.

Today was another fabulous day spent with my party of 5: My 2 sons, daughter, husband and myself. Attending a princess party with Lily and watching her and her friend Ella be princesses for a day was the cherry on top of a fabulous few weeks. Concerts, spring musicals, Michael's first birthday, Mother's Day, the gift of a cotton candy maker, the launch of a new business,, a book coming out, the Spring Grand Opening at Lily Mack Farm and much more was jam-packed into May. Life has been nothing short of crazy, but I actually found myself relaxing more; focusing on meditation, yoga and sushi (my current addiction).

I am always searching for something: for keys, kids, my mind, a moment and answers. Heck, just the other day, I asked in a panic, "Where's Mack?" (that's my tenacious 2-year-old) as my husband calmy responded with laughter, "Um, right in front of you!" My keys, my mind and a moment I have accepted as a daily search on the To Do List and I have yet to find all the answers.

Lately, my quest has been discovering what makes some people have determination and drive while others are content waiting. Why do some people dream big and others think dreaming is a let-down? I think about this a lot because I want to raise my children to go after everything they want without hesitation. I want them to truly know that anything IS possible. Before writing for The Huffington Post, I posted on my blog, 'Oh hang onto your hopes my friend' at It was about being in motion, continuing on your path and remembering that the universe/life's momentum starts pushing you along. It is awesomely magical how opportunities, people and dreams appear when you are in movement; always striving toward your inner happiness with a good heart. Magic! I then wrote another post, 'Feed Your Head,' about Walt Disney and the magic of believing in dreams. Each post, every word, all similar but different; all connected, giving life to the next. The mechanics of the mind, body and soul working together like an automobile. Time and time again I have said that we are all here on a different journey, yes; but still always pondering what moves people. All my posts, whether on Huffington or, all weave a magical web, are all intricately correlated in the mechanics of inner peace and happiness. And here is the moment... wait for it... wait for it... a-ha!

Some of us were born to be princesses. The Cinderella's, Sleeping Beauty's and Snow White's dreaming of beautiful castles, Prince Charming, being swept off our feet, getting carried away into the sunset of Happily Ever After. Others were born to be dreamers. The Dorothy's and Alice's dreaming of a colorful life without limitations. Then of course there are the fighters, the "get out of my way or watch out" warriors; The Ariel's and Rapunzel's that believe nothing will hold them down. The beautiful thing about being alive is being able to grow, to evolve. We always have the chance to not be who we were yesterday. Cinderella was unhappy scrubbing floors, so she went out and did something about it. But how long had she been on her hands and knees cleaning floors to get the fire in her belly to make a change? In the book, her determination to change was immediate, but what was the story before the story? Had she been unhappy since she was a little girl? What finally made her stand up and chase down happiness? We all have the ability to change what makes us unhappy, to fight for what we want, to chase dreams that are bigger than ourselves. We might be born as Cinderella's, Alice's and Ariel's but when their story ends, ours still carries on.

I've been co-writing a book with a very close friend. It is based on our lives and at times, exaggerated. Writing this book has been such an awesome experience and awakening for me. We never really chatted about the core of the book. We chatted only about the beginning. We did not assign chapters, nor meet to write together. When she writes, she then sends me the new revision and then I continue writing. Writing in this style has opened my eyes wider than ever before. When I get a new revision in my inbox I am giddy. I get so excited to see what my character is up to; what has she said and done since my last encounter. I read and then start typing away as if I am silently reading a story that is not there. can change her, shape her, move her in a different direction. Of course things have to have a flow in writing, as in life. Time moves much quicker in writing/reading, so results are enjoyed over a chapter verses a year, but we get to write our story every single day. Live your life as if you were writing a story, or a movie as the famous quote says. Pretend you are an actor in your movie, playing the character that you envision yourself to be. If you are insecure, act as if you are not. Fearful? Act as if Martin Scorsesee is paying you 2.5 million dollars to be courageous. It is your story to write.

We are all born with different traits, raised with different beliefs; we have been stomped on and torn down. We do not need to be who we were yesterday. Our past does not define our future. We are mechanics and authors. The princess, the dreamer and the fighter live in all of us! That is the beauty of being. Be In The Act of Being!