12/20/2012 12:04 pm ET Updated Feb 18, 2013

6 Gifts To Put A Smile On My Mom's Face This Christmas (PHOTOS)

This Christmas will mark the beginning of a new era for my family. This will be the first Christmas without our beloved father, who passed away earlier this year.

The holidays have always been special for our close-knit family, a time for us to come together, enjoy the warmth and sunshine of southwest Florida, indulge in my mother's fabulous cooking and relax. In an effort to do something different, and to avoid any extra grief that the holidays might bring, we are taking a trip. However, due to the cost of the trip and the hassle of packing presents, I suggested that we exchange gifts Secret Santa style.

So how has it happened that a week before Christmas, I have blown my budget on too many presents for my family? Quite simply, I broke my own rule because I want to see a smile on my mom's face this holiday.

Normally, Christmas Day would start with dad awake before the rest of us, banging on our doors and begging us to get out of bed and start the opening of presents. He would gleefully serve as the master of ceremonies, handing out gifts and making sure that we went in turns and all oohed and ahhed over the gifts, all while wearing his tinkling reindeer slippers. Dad is no longer here, and though there is not much that I can do to ease any of our pain, I can make my mom and my sister happy, if only for a moment, by splurging on clothes and accessories.

Materialistic? Yes. Taking part in an overly commercialized holiday? Possibly. But selfishly, I don't care. If increasing my credit card debt for one month means that my mom and sister get to rip into packages of new shoes, bags and beauty products, then I'll work extra hours to pay off my bills. This year, all rules go out the window as we do our best as a family to hold each other up in a tough time.

Next year, I'll stick to my budget. Maybe. Until then, check out a few of the fab items that I chose for my favorite ladies.

Gifts For Mom

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