04/04/2008 02:11 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Clinton: No "typical" ad from me

NOTE: Originally published Thursday, April 3

Sen. Hillary Clinton's new ad, running in North Carolina:

Here's the script:

"Hi, if you are looking for a typical political commercial, switch the channel.

This isn't a typical election, and these are not typical times.

The economy is reeling and as I talk with people across North Carolina,

I hear about the crushing cost of healthcare from Winston-Salem to Fayetteville.

I hear stories about families going into debt to send their children to college.

Military families from Fort Bragg tell me their deep concerns about how we're treating our veterans.

Teachers and parents tell me that No Child Left Behind just isn't working.

And everywhere, North Carolinians tell me the middle class is just getting slammed.

I want to hear from you.

Because this election isn't about me, it is about you.

So let's have a conversation.

Just go to, and then I'll be getting back to you here on TV to answer your questions and offer some solutions.


It's nice talking with you.

I'm Hillary Clinton and I approve this message."

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times