09/06/2013 06:17 pm ET Updated Nov 06, 2013

Take Your Bachelor/ette Party to a New Level: Visit Edinburgh!

Fall -- a beautiful time of year to get married. While most of the brides and grooms to be (hopefully) already have their wedding locations decided, the pre-festivities might still be up for debate. Instead of going the oh-so-typical US bachelor/ette destination of Las Vegas, why not look across the pond to Scotland - Edinburgh in particular.

Edinburgh, the capital city of Scotland, is known for its rich history from the Burke and Hare murders, to the poetry of Robert Burns, all overseen by the ominous castle atop the hill. While the past is very important to this city, so is the present. Known in the UK as the perfect destination for "stags and hens" parties, on any given Saturday, you'll see dozens of brides and grooms to be made up in "fancy dress" costumes varying from golfers to banana suits. We're just touching on some of the super-touristy parts of Edinburgh, but there is so much to this city, it's hard to explore it all in just a weekend.

The Grass Market

A great place to barhop, the grassmarket is a strip of bars and restaurants in the old town of Edinburgh, home to some of history's most infamous bars. The grassmarket used to be a place of execution. To prove it, the Last Drop tavern is still there, where prisoners on death row would go for their literal "last drop". You can also check out the (still up for debate) oldest pub in Edinburgh, at the White Hart. Regardless of its age, it's definitely a place worth visiting.

Rose Street

If you're looking for the quintessential pub crawl, Rose Street in the new town of Edinburgh is the place to go. With pub names like "Dirty Dick's" and "Filthy McNasty's" the street lined with over a dozen pubs basically screams bachelorette.

Royal Mile

If you're looking to mix your drinking with a bit of shopping, head over towards the Royal Mile. With hundreds of shops, that offer (I kid you not) tartan wedding dresses and pubs, (including Scotch tastings) it will lead you right to the entrance to the Edinburgh Castle, a view that you won't want to miss. Looking to add a little intellect to your drinking? Go on a literary pub tour and have a pint where the great writers like Robert Burns and Sir Walter Scott drank.

Haunted Tours

For the Halloween season, there's no better city to be creeped out in beside Edinburgh. It's scary history alone would be enough to chill you, but the haunted tours ranging from scary to downright terrifying could be the perfect way to kick off your bachelorette part.

Day Trips

Another great part about vacationing in Edinburgh is its proximity to some of the most unique spots in the world. Take a day trip to St. Andrews or try your best to find Nessie in the Loch Ness.