10/28/2013 10:59 am ET Updated Jan 23, 2014

Brutal Divorce Simulator Featuring Sandra Bullock Lets Those Lucky Enough Not to Have Experienced One Know How it Really Feels

Chances are at some point in your life you've had a friend or relative on the front lines of a brutal divorce. If you've never been through your own brutal divorce, it might have been hard for you to relate. And not being able to understand what she was going through probably made it difficult to know how to help.

Now there is a Brutal Divorce Simulator (or "BDS" for short) that enables you to understand what a grueling divorce actually feels like! The BDS provides participants with a front row seat to one woman's a terrifying battle against unbelievably harsh conditions. The BDS features a decidedly unglamorous Sandra Bullock playing the part of that friend you can totally relate to who is going through the worst time of her entire life. She attempts to take control of her situation and navigate back to safety while grieving the estrangement from her child and everything familiar to her. By watching Bullock you'll finally get how isolating it feels to be alone, adrift, and abandoned while fighting for survival and trying to return to normal life.

The simulated experience lasts a total of ninety-one minutes, which of course is only a nanosecond as long as an actual grueling divorce. But it's long enough to give you a realistic taste and that's more than enough to enable you to empathize. Besides, no one would sign up for a simulation that lasted somewhere between six months and one year, which is the average length of an actual brutal divorce.

"Our lawyers advised us that a longer simulation might cause participants to incur post traumatic stress disorder and that could lead to lawsuits," said Jessica Gambini, a brutal divorce survivor and one of the developers of the BDS. "We wanted the simulation to last long enough to create an authentic brutal divorce experience, but not so long as to risk inducing the type of emotional trauma typically sustained by those who undergo an actual brutal divorce. After extensive research, we pegged this to be exactly ninety-one minutes," Gambini concluded.

The Brutal Divorce Simulator is currently in movie theaters everywhere under the name Gravity. It costs about $12 to experience. The BDS is also available in 3D and 3D IMAX, which is only recommended for people with both nerves and stomachs of steel. As with real brutal divorces, participants will likely need airsickness bags and boxes of tissues. These are recommended, but not provided. The BDS is not suitable for children.