02/12/2015 05:53 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2015

10 A**holes You'll Encounter When Driving

All right admit it, everyone is guilty of driving like and a**hole every once in a while. Sometimes you're in a rush because you're alarm didn't go off, sometimes you had a terrible day and feel like driving as fast as you can, and sometimes you really just don't give a f***. But this list here is talking about those damn people who just physically cannot drive a car.

1. The "I'm gonna ride you're a** until you move over."

I have a special place in my heart for these people. Like there is someone directly in front of me; do you want to drive through me? Yes that's it! How about you drive through me and then you can ride that cars a** just get the hell away from me.

2. Grandma and Grandpa doing their afternoon errands.

I understand that people over 80 have lives and need to get around somehow, but maybe drive with someone who can see over the wheel or reach the gas pedal? There should be a new law reinstated that on your 80th birthday you need to take a driving test every year. Who's with me?

3. I have a really big Toyota therefore I am better than you.

Let's just get this straight right now; I don't care how big your truck is, it doesn't make you better than me. You may be able to drive better in the snow and post obnoxious pictures of your truck on Instagram, but you're still not better than me.

4. I didn't have enough time to get ready at home, therefore I am going to do my hair, makeup, shave, and shower in my car.

This category is dedicated to all those women who think it's okay to do their makeup and intricate hair-dos in the car. I'll admit I am guilty of throwing on some lipstick every once in a while, but for goodness sake curl your hair at home.

5. I just got my license and I don't care who knows.

That's right, we all freakin' know. How do we know? Because we can hear your music across the highway median. I know how exciting it is to have that freedom but turn your music down; you'll be deaf by 30.

6. My rims on my Honda Civic are shinier than your diamond ring.

I don't care how shiny your rims are I will laugh at you if they are on your Honda Civic. Show me an Escalade with rims like that and I will be impressed.

7. I think my 18-wheeler is the same size as your car.

I have a saying every time I am driving down the highway when I see an 18-wheeler. F**k the trucks. If I am in the high-speed lane and you cut me off to pass another 18-wheeler, there is a special place for you somewhere. First of all 18-wheelers aren't even supposed to be in the high-speed lane. Second of all, stop spitting snow and rain at my windshield.

8. The non-wavers

If I just courteously took the time to let you pull out from wherever you were coming from, WAVE TO ME. How difficult is it to say thank you?

9. There is someone in my lane so I am going to come into yours.

Huge garbage truck in your lane? No worries come into my lane. There is plenty of room for two cars in one lane. WAIT UNTIL NO ONE IS COMING AND THEN COME INTO MY LANE. THANK YOU.

10. People who are too good for a directional.

I'm sorry, were you on the approved list to not use a directional? I must have missed that memo, just do me a quick favor, USE IT.