05/11/2015 06:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oh, Motherhood...

Brooke Auchincloss

Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You shine your endless light.

We see you in the morning and you wake us through the night.

Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

These days, they do pass by.

They scurry in a hurry as you leave a weary eye.

Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You make us face our fears.

The seasons they can shake us, and leave us all in tears.

Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You give us strength to show

Through every passing challenge, oh how you make us grow.

Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood,

You hold us oh so tight.

Not anything can keep our babies far or out of sight.

Oh Motherhood, Oooh Motherhood

You're maddening as can be!

One day your up the next your down, you never set us free.

Oh Motherhood, Ah Motherhood,

You bring us to our knees.

You ride us high and crash us down with desperate groaning pleas.

Oh Motherhood, Oh Motherhood

You drive us all insane.

We question, and we conquer all the wondering to blame.

Oh Motherhood, you fool us all

With dreams to rearrange.

But Motherhood, you please us good, there's nothing we would change.

Oh Motherhood, Yes Motherhood,

You test us through and through.

You make us fight with all our might, our passion lies in you.


So Motherhood, Ah Motherhood

Your story's still the same.

We come to you in gratitude for giving us your name.

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