06/03/2013 09:18 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017



For many years I thought that I could act my way to wealth. I have a strong will and I'm a doer, so back then I was hustling away believing the more I worked, the more money I would make.

I quickly began to make a lot of money, yet because I believed so much in hard work I ended up in a pattern where I never really were able to relax and feel my wealth.

The more money I made, the more problems I created for myself, which I then had to spend time, money and energy on.

I created a scenario where there never seemed to be enough and always a reason to hustle on. Always a reason to postpone joy and pleasure.

Others work very hard on keeping wealth on a distance. They self-sabotage in a way where they never really allow any money and they go through huge loops in order to keep that reality alive. The result is the same. An endless struggle without the feeling of wealth.

It's really not about the money. Our relationship with money and wealth is a reflection of the issues we have going on inside about ourselves and the world in general. The world is as we are.

We have everything we need. It's always available when we need it. We possess an endless ocean of possibility and resources. If it doesn't feel like that we need to course correct.

If we are willing to go deep and heal our imbalances, things in us and around us begin to flow.
To me that's real wealth. The ability to adjust inside when the outside is not the way we want it. The ability to realize the upgrades we long for. The ability to be, do and have everything we dream of.

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